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There is no question whatsoever that, not only are the parents of Maddie McCann responsible for their daughters disappearance but that the general public and even members of the police force are entirely sick of Kate and Gerry McCann's disgraceful and disgusting use of little Maddie's name to make themselves rich.

Goncalo Amaral on the other hand gains more support for the ordeal he has been put through by the odious couple. Not only has he suffered a breakdown of his marriage and loss of home and earnings, but his health has also understandably suffered.
Why did it come to this ? Pretty straightforward really. The McCann's, with the help of a government spokesman one might add, led an orchestrated attack on Amaral, the Portuguese police and the country itself. Branded by the media, briefed daily by Clarence Mitchell the then government spokesman, as buffoons, dozy incompetent dagoes and a nation overrun by child molesters. Amaral had the temerity to put the actual facts of the little girl's disappearance into the spotlight.

For this he was hounded relentlessly by the McCann, their media machine and the British government who were instrumental in removing him from the case, wouldn't you want the truth to come out ?.
Now that the parents have become millionaires by telling the world some of the worst fairy stories ever told and through the gullible public have become almost saintly, is it a fools errand for Amaral to continue publishing ? No.
When a little girl has died because of the horrific behaviour of her parents, then the man who truly knows the truth has a right to be heard. With entirely fraudulent fundraising the McCann's have hired the best libel solicitors in the land to silence him. With the aid of a powerful media on the parents side even the people supporting Amaral's theory have been attacked. The really awful "trolls " are not as the Daily Star would have you believe but actually work for the McCann's inside and outside the media.
To date, those working on behalf of the McCann's have already caused the death of someone doubting the McCann's side of the story.

Here is the really interesting thing !  Not one serving officer doubts the dogs findings, dogs have made stunning and consistent finds in crimes involving missing people and now we have police officers outraged and donating to Amaral among many others. The seismic shift of hundreds of thousands of people finally able to read the truth of poor Maddie's death ensures that their will be no whitewash for the McCann's and more books shattering their lies will appear over the years.

The beauty of the case is that people are willing to help Amaral, as much as they want justice for Maddie. The only trolls to be found are in the fawning and cowardly British media. The people wanting to help Amaral realise that Kate and Gerry McCann are making Amaral suffer almost as much as they made Maddie suffer.

God bless all of those who contributed to Goncalo Amaral's fight to expose to horrific excuses for human beings.

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