Monday, 22 June 2015



Once again the media would have you believe that the Greek people are lazy good for nothing tax dodgers who spend most of their time borrowing money and refusing to pay it back. Furthermore you are now being utterly and totally misled into believing that Britain among others, are footing the bill for that.

Let us be absolutely clear, bankers caused the austerity through reckless investment and the world bank are asking governments to squeeze the people of those countries, mainly the poorest, for billions wasted.
But what you are not being told is there is no such thing as world debt but there is such a thing as economic slavery. In most countries people bumble along blindly unaware that they are little more than slaves to banks. Once you understand the money system it is very easy to understand how we are being duped. Because of technical jargon and long winded documents intended to baffle or confuse most people do not even try to understand it.

So lets simplify it for you.

Money is made up. It is little bits of paper with pictures on it, designed to stop us killing each other in order to get something to eat. This paper money is given a numerical value that we all live our lives by.The government goes to the holders of this money called the treasury and asks them for money in return for a promissory note called a government bond. This bonds the government to the treasury by way of a promise to pay the numerical amount of money back to the lender, the treasury.

So far so good. So as an example the government ask for say £100 to given on bits of paper called bank notes, the treasury then prints these bits of paper with pictures on it.
The government takes these notes and gives them to a central holding facility called the Bank of England who then distribute the money to all the other banks.

Got that.... good !

However when the treasury lend this money to the government they charge them interest, say for arguments sake 15%.
So if you borrow £100 at 15% interest you pay back £115 right ? ... Correct.

But if you only borrowed £100 and you now owe £115 how can you pay it back ?

Long answer short, you cannot. You can only ask to borrow more money which creates more debt.

What then happens is they steal your wages, pensions and savings to pay back a debt that can never be repaid.

Austerity is created by banks and aided by the government of every country it steals your money.

The only people getting rich are the bankers.

The poor get poorer and work for less and less money.

Greek people are the heroes here as at least they are fighting for the chance to not be sold into even deeper slavery.

The tragedy is that most people believe the propaganda the world media, owned by powerful and rich  bankers, when you dig deep enough, serve up.


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