Saturday, 4 July 2015



I was not at all surprised to see that Cliff Richard decided not to attend Wimbledon this year, as the thought of seeing him leading the crowd in a chorus of "The Young Ones " would seem wholly inappropriate, considering the questions still left unanswered .

For those not aware he still needs to explain his attendance at Elm Guest House, well know as having the most powerful  people in society as members of a pedophile ring.

Those members attending Elm Guest House include Cliff " Kitty " Richard, Cyril Smith a known pedophile,, Anthony Blunt the notorious spy with a liking for young boys, Harvey Proctor the disgraced MP who has a string of sex convictions against him, Jess Conrad, Peter Bottomley and George Ttemlett. Other names on the list, that MI5, MI6 and the Metropolitan Police have seize and destroy have strong links to the royal household.

Elm Guest House was regularly used by homosexuals as a meeting place to abuse young boys supplied by, among other children's homes, the notorious Grafton Lodge which has since been closed following the arrests of those known to be supplying this disgusting group. Once again only the non -entities have been arrested. The smokescreen of investigating only 70's disc jockeys and has been celebrities neatly covers up the pedophile homosexuals in the corridors of power who have been practicing their vile depraved acts for decades.

Is it at all feasible that Leon Brittain a notorious homosexual and pedophile lost several dossiers containing evidence of sexual abuse when home secretary ?

What was a cross dressing Harriet Webb doing covered in blood screaming at a London hospital doing there ?

Why was MI5 instrumental in telling Sutton police to drop all charges of Cliff Richard interfering with children in 1983 ?

Why has he given up his UK citizenship ?

Why was he pulled in for questioning on Jill Dando's murder  ?

Was it because she was investigating a child sex ring that the authorities have tried so hard to hide ?

What is the nature of his friendships with Lord Boothby, Melvyn Bragg and Ken Clarke MP ?

Why has David Cameron among other high profile politicians consistently blocked and obstructed the investigation into the pedophile ring operating from within the House of Commons and the House of Lords ?

The " Monday Club " as it was known back then, still exists today and includes MP's, Charity leaders and high ranking policemen, when the people of this country turn a blind eye to this it gives a green light to these monsters to carry on regardless.

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