Friday, 27 February 2015


Now anyone who dares to say that there is a link between homosexuals and pedophiles are quickly debunked as " homophobic " rather like someone who sees the truth of a government cover up is quickly dubbed a " conspiracy theorist ".
But i will put the facts out here and you can choose for yourself wether or not you are being lied to and the way in which it works, i will also outline the media doctrine and the homosexual mafia that ensures wherever possible to deny and hide these facts behind labelling and the law.

Now anyone who examines the facts carefully will see if they have an open mind how these links work.
Before we start let me say, i do have friends who are homosexuals, i do not like the practice, i think the act itself is pretty distasteful but at the same time it is a live and let live world and as such i do not hold with the homosexual bashing lobby, i do not like seeing it, for me it is not a normal state of affairs.
I do not call these people gay, that is just a hijacked word to give the act a cover of normality, the same as most leanings toward homosexuality are generally portrayed in the media as in the genes and coming to it at a reasonable age, you the old chestnut,of sexual awakening at puberty that was not acted on until later life.
Let me say this from the outset, almost everything you read about homosexuals in the media is a conditioning process, designed for you to accept it and as the dumbing down of our society continues everyone is indoctrinated to have a closed mind on the subject as an acceptable practice, there are even laws to protect the practice and keep silent for fear of prosecution those who would speak against it.
Now i ask you to suspend that indoctrination for a minute and look at the actual facts. Then you will see that there is a clear link between homosexuality and pedophilia .

Firstly anyone attending a basic course on child safety and conduct  can obtained in these figures,the rest is more difficult to dig up and apart from those brave homosexuals coming forward, most will not speak of early experiences in public.
The facts are these, not made up and freely available.

98% of pedophiles are men !

This is a massive misconception as the figure is close to 80% as most women will report or later come forward as to abuse or an attack by a man, they are far less likely to admit attacks by women for society views such things differently.
Most of society views homosexuality between women as sexy or cool and men in particular do not react to it as they do when imagining the practice by men.
Once again the media and the homosexual lobby reinforce your perceptions of this practice between women as sexually alluring rather than direct competition for males.

82% of pedophiles attack or prey upon their own gender group !

So if you accept that 80% are men then 82% prey upon their own gender  is there a clear link between pedophiles and homosexuality ?

Of course there is ! The facts speak for themselves.

Now add into the equation that 72% of those attacked or preyed upon in childhood become offenders themselves and are 5 times more likely to prey upon someone in childhood.

Do pedophiles form groups and prey upon younger children ? Again the facts strongly suggest that they do and that they exist at very high levels of our society.
In Britain alone many MP's, police, judges and celebrities have been shown to operate outside the law and it is another huge pointer that most of the high profile cases have only been brought against those preying upon the opposite gender and most cases concerning same gender attacks have not come to trial.
Again given these high profile cases that are highlighted it reinforces the smokescreen in front of you that there is no link, but nothing is further from the truth.
The homosexuals and pedophiles that hide within our society would like to see the age of sexual consent lowered yet again !
Having already come down from 21 between same gender sex to 18 and now down to 16 they want it lowered even more for all sexual partners, again the smokescreen.

Still no link ?

Most homosexuals have their first same gender experience in their teens and with someone much or slightly older, those that are highlighted are the experiences that happened when of a sexually consenting age, but what they will not tell you is that one of those taking part did not suddenly decide to experiment, but indeed, was preyed upon.

It is not homophobic to point this out!

Is it hetrophobic not to do so ? Yes there we are, twist it back the other way for a second and you can see how ridiculous it is !
Now i am not saying that ALL homosexuals are pedophiles, many stay within their adult domain, but there are many many homosexuals out there who have much younger partners,there are many homosexuals out there who want the age of consent lowered, there are many in positions of power that have made laws objecting to their practices and work in areas that give them access to children.

There is a clear link and if you cannot see it then the indoctrination has worked, you are free to think for yourself, it is not hate speech to point out what is in front of you !
It is incumbent on everyone to ensure the safety of our children from pedophiles that hide in the cloak of homosexuality.


  1. This is a very fair article, Stephen. I have been aware for a long time that there is a statistical link between homosexuality and paedophilia, but if I point it out in conversation I'm immediately labelled as homophobic. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have gay friends, both male and female.

    This issue needs to be addressed very delicately in a constructive way. Knowing that homosexuals are more likely to be paedophiles than straight people, there should be public warnings that it's not right to have homosexual sex with someone of a particular age. This has to be done carefully without insulting the homosexuals who remain within the bounds of the law.

  2. Thank you for your feedback Mike.Anyone who has the courage to point it out is rounded upon so well done for having the fortitude to say so. I agree entirely with your comments i am also of the opinion that once you are an offender of the worst kind then you should not really be allowed to be part of that society and should be in an environment that no longer gives you access to children.