Saturday, 28 February 2015


Once again search dogs, specifically trained to find dead bodies have proven to be invaluable. Time and time again they have found dead bodies or the scent of where a dead body has been placed before being removed.

So can anyone tell me how exactly have Kate and Gerry McCann become millionaires when they are evidently responsible for their own daughters death ?

It is utterly clear that the couple have also extracted money from the public under the premise of searching for their daughter and spent the funds donated on almost everything but the search for the poor little girl.
What is also plainly evident is that two dogs have indicated to a dead body, not only in the apartment they rented but also in the hire car they rented many days AFTER the little girl disappeared !

Just exactly how much do you need to see the light ?

How about the moment they were made suspects they buggered off back to England that weekend and refused to come back until the lead detective in the case had been fired ?

How about the absolutely ridiculous assertion by Kate McCann that she examined six dead bodies before going on holiday and that was the reason for the dogs findings.Given that she would have to have done it wearing holiday clothes whilst carrying a toy and a cupboard from the apartment under her arms and that no one has ever come forward to corroborate this nonsense, why are they walking free ?
Why did the government of the time interfere in the process of the investigation and put pressure on the Portuguese authorities to remove the lead detective in the case ?
Why did the government's spin doctor Clarence Mitchell, then working for the Labour government quit his highly paid job to go and work as a spin doctor for this hideous couple ?

Why is this man now standing for parliament as a Conservative MP ?

Why have Mitchell's fingerprints through his old boss Rupert Murdoch been found all over the papers in exclusive red herring press releases been so easily swallowed by a gullible public ?
Why indeed are these people supported by an army of orchestrated and spiteful trolls trying to scare away anyone trying to reach something resembling the truth ?

Why has one of Murdoch's employees, based on evidence provided by Kate & Gerry McCann been allowed to hound an elderly woman into suicide ?

Why has Martin Brunt faced no charges in this matter ?

It is utterly staggering and a disgraceful damning of the society that we live that it looks for murderers which only exist in the minds of parents to cover up their blindingly obvious culpability in their daughters death !

Aided and abetted by the media , the police and the government, this odious couple continue to grow rich on the death of a little girl, that whichever way you slice it,they are responsible for.



  1. Our health service is struggling; police forces are having their budgets cut; needy people are having their benefits cut. Still Operation Grange goes bowling along, with its "important new leads". Spare a thought for the Portuguese police officers who have to work with Nicola Wall and her cohorts. They have been labelled "sardine munchers", "incompetents" and various other insulting names. The door is open for any attention-seeking fantasist to say that they have "seen" Madeleine in any part of the world. How long must the generous British taxpayer fund all this?

    1. How right you are, not only do they make millions but use taxpayers money on a wild goose chase, great reply, thank you.