Monday, 9 March 2015


Once again we have an utterly transparent attempt to track people's movements under the guise of securing our homes and those dwelling there ! Really ? Honestly ? Hmm Ok lets have a closer look.

The government scheme, were it to be introduced could monitor even more movements from those of a more dubious nature. We are told that it could make our persons and our children safer from an intrusion wether it be a burglar or someone preying violently on our person or our children.

This from a government who have systematically failed in making our persons or our children safe by installing copious amounts of CCTV in public areas. This from a government who have spectacularly failed to safeguard children from it's own house of representatives for the very people they are meant to serve. 
The very people who have failed to bring child abuse charges against it's own members and associates for the disgusting incidents at Elm House !

Are we really that stupid as to swallow that nonsense ? Would the government like to clarify it's position on this ? Will it be used to monitor and remove incriminating evidence against them as it was by the police under the direction of the government, when they visited Elm House workers to silence them from reporting the goings on there ?


Added to which, CCTV does not really stop those hell bent on criminal activity, all it does is give a visual record of what occurs, that, of course, is if the wrongdoer forgets his balaclava or motorcycle helmet.
While we are labouring the point, what is the point ? For on some rather special occasions the CCTV footage, we are informed, is either unavailable or simply it transpires that the camera's are turned off or pointing the wrong way !
Please see the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon and the death of Princess Diana.If the authorities are to be believed on those two matters, which they are most assuredly not, then two greater howlers one could not imagine.

Rather i think it might be used to subvert anyone not singing from the same hymn sheet. I can see those seeking answers to questions the governments do not want asked getting a rather subtle working over, or if it looks as though they may be getting near the truth, they always paint them as odd before having an internal investigation pointing out that you locked yourself in a holdall in a bathtub !

I for one am not buying their making a safer world Newspeak for one moment. Might i suggest that you do not either.


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