Thursday, 12 March 2015



I must admit to becoming more and more furious with the McCann's and their spokesman Clarence Mitchell and the Murdoch press in general.

Why ? Why am i feeling more and more angry at a couple that are frequently lauded in the media as a grieving couple who, through no fault of their own have cruelly lost a daughter supposedly snatched from the bosom of a loving family?.
Well..... Firstly i have a huge problem after researching the vast amounts of factual documentation regarding the case, that the death of little Maddie ( all facts point to that conclusion ), lies squarely at the door of the parents. One has to be careful as there is a massive amount of theories as to what happened to this little girl and you could spend all day everyday reading this to the detriment of the actual facts.
One argument i can clear up is the nonsense regarding the mother Kate McCann examining dead bodies before going on holiday and giving this as a reason for her clothing smelling of the odour of dead bodies also known as cadaver scent.
After this claim was made by Kate McCann, endorsed and given to the media team it was then given as an unattributed source to a trusted journalist who then floated it to other media outlets, this in our world, is how stories get out without anyone becoming firmly linked as the source.
I am reliably informed by those who know without question that Kate McCann was desperate to come up with a very quick response to the dogs findings.So spooked were they by the findings of the dogs when made public, that they fled Portugal and refused to return until the lead detective on the case, one Goncalo Amaral, was removed from the case.It was knowing what later transpired with a fellow journalist that convinced me of the parents guilt.Having felt something a little fishy with that particular claim ( who didn't? ), he decided to investigate further, finding no evidence of Kate McCann's claims, in fact the more he delved the more it became clear that it was a total fabrication, he wrote it up and not only was it squashed but he was firmly informed that the stance of the Murdoch Group would be firmly in favour of the parents.

Anyway, back to the main point, which is that every time someone goes missing, every time a missing child is found,the parents media team latch onto it with the zeal of a leech homing in on an eighteenth century explorer.
Why is that ? I can explain that quite easily and it is two fold. When a media stance is taken it is incumbent upon the backed party to give huge show of contrition and from that point we can then give them what is effectively a morality car wash.
So having done a tiny bit of contrition at the start, the next step is to paint the party or parties as pristine white or golden who made a mistake under the most unfortunate of mitigating circumstances, the truth has nothing to do with it.
Secondly the Maddie bandwagon may be the gift that keeps on giving in some eyes but it is not the case, rest assured professional help does not come cheap and the many people on the media team, solicitors and internet watchdogs need paying, so raising money to pay these many " free givers of their time " is vital. The donations, from whatever source, need to keep rolling in.

What is particularly galling for me and i hope, thousands of others, is the latest nonsense regarding Zephony Nurse, a baby snatched from the bedside of her mother when just a few days old and dubbed the South African " Maddie ".
Given that Zephony went missing first surely it would be the other way round wouldn't it ? Further investigation on this matter did not take long.
Having heard this story coming through on the wires,it was mentioned in the daily briefings as a human interest story, a wide awake opportunity presented itself and a " stringer " asked the question, i am assured that an amount was proffered and thus " blessings " were bestowed on the parents and for the sake of two hundred Rand, a story is born.
But when you look at the actual facts, the mother was right beside Zephony not some hundred and fifty yards away getting tipsy with her friend. Zephony's mother could see her and hear her, the McCann's could not.
Any resemblance to the McCann case is entirely spurious but we must not let that get in the way of a good story or the possibility of more donations, the mortgage may be paid on money donated but the staff still need paying.


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  2. Good to read this again. It's amazing how they keep on getting away with all this.

    Maybe Dr. Amaral's appeal will finally have more people really look into the real information.