Sunday, 29 March 2015



The other night in my hourly sojourn onto Twitter, i was once again assailed on the McCann hash tag by a supporter of the parents named Jasmine.
Now to give you a tiny bit of background, when i first ventured onto Twitter, she (one assumes ) , for like most trolls it does not use it's proper name, tweeted a reply. Fair dinkum, everyone is entitled to their opinion and it is always entertaining to watch people fumbling about in the dark with blinkers on trying to defend a hopeless position,. I always liken it to an amateur player in Chess, five pieces down and instead of admitting certain defeat they stumble on in blind hope that checkmate is not just round the corner.Entertaining but useless.

So it was with this Jasmine entity, a notorious troll on behalf of the couple who jumps into your Twitter page with a reply and then when you have the temerity to reply pointing out the errors made, gets quite abusive and tells you she wants nothing to do with you and that you are blocked.

Fair enough.

Then tweets replies to you again and again, not general tweets but actually to you. Sooo you remind them they tweeted and engaged you in conversation first and ask why are you doing so only to be greeted with total denial of ever having done so ! WTF ?.
Then you realise that the McCann supporters like the McCann's are exactly the same. If someone points out where the huge gaping holes are, then they deny that the hole was ever there and neatly step into the yawning chasm of idiotic contradiction. The other game they like to try and play is defend the indefensible.

So we have had the starter, now for the main course.

I tweeted the other night the disgraceful fraud that goes on with the FIND MADDIE FUND.

Quite simply, the fund has been used to do almost everything the McCann's need to pay for including paying the mortgage,whistle blowing ( for good quality bogus leads ), solicitors, internet services and many more besides finding Maddie.
I once asked the McCann's for a monetary breakdown as to how the money had been spent, it was not forthcoming.
So my question quite reasonably is how can money donated  to finding a little girl be used to pay someone's mortgage, among other things, without being fraud.

The money was not used for the purpose intended and for the reason the public donated it !

If ,when i do my next charity run for Cancer Research, keep the money and get my car fixed and say i need it to attend future runs on their behalf, that's obviously OK then.

Would people have donated money to pay the McCann's mortgage or for libel experts ?  One thinks and sincerely hopes not. Fraud then.

If two years down the line i then change the mission statement to a wide ranging scope of monetary use after much criticism for the fraudulent use of the fund. Did i not commit fraud with the vast bulk of those donations ?

Now Jasmine bless her stated that it was OK to use the fund to pay the mortgage as dear old Kate paid it back
Wow ! That's alright then.

Dear old Kate she said paid it back out of money raised from the fictional book she wrote.

Both accounts controlled by Team McCann !!!!????

Nothing wrong then Met Police ? No ? Nothing ?

So there you have it, fraud is legal according to the McCann's, Jasmine and it would seem the Metropolitain Police...


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