Wednesday, 18 March 2015



I was warned that going on to the #McCann on Twitter would open my eyes to a world of  vile and shocking trolling. I was however, not expecting it to come from the supporters of the McCann's called " Pro's " but rather from those labelled "  Anti ".

To be fair, it is not all one way traffic but one carriageway is far busier than the other. Some of it can be pretty unpleasant and even when not conversing with them they make it their business to come after you.
One would think that you would avoid, unless directly " tweeted " to, contact with those of what you would consider, a different opinion. Not a bit of it ! The speed and violence of the keyboard warriors employed by Team McCann, yes i did say employed, is quite disturbing and not a little alarming.

So it was with Brenda Leyland, who found herself frustrated as many have, that justice for Maddie has been warped into a money making gift that keeps on giving for reprehensible parents with not a shred of humanity, who took to Twitter to vent her frustration, not always in the wisest way and found herself, isolated and targeted by a machine determined to crush her to silence and contrition.

That some of her anger and frustration leaked onto social media is without question but was it really so bad that with vigorous glee the pack of wolves descended on her.
For without any question whatsoever meetings would have happened, strategy discussed and a full profile compiled before the McCann's and those seeking to protect them decided that Brenda Leyland was just the " soft " target they needed to fire a warning shot across the bows of those who know a little girl died because of either the parents gross neglect and child abuse or plain old fashioned manslaughter or murder.

The reprehensible and sickening tweets sent to her by Jayelles, Safari Sara, Justine and many others were as nothing to what awaited her.
There is no question that the McCann internet Doberman's are well acquainted with the police, the media, Clarence Mitchell and the McCann's, they are most certainly not a separate entity !
So Martin Brunt was dispatched by his employer Rupert Murdoch ( he of the commissioned Swann & Summers thinly veiled pre-cursor attack), to reduce Brenda Leyland to a nervous wreck, afraid to leave the house and then afraid to stay at home and ultimately afraid to live.

Martin has sold his soul to the devil on more than a few occasions, but none quite as awful as this. The McCann's, Mitchell and their media mafia are without challenge and they reveled in it, dancing on the grave was the order of the day, whilst those who had the greatest hand in it, put on their tin hats, hunkered down and waited for the storm to blow over.
It never will, they thought they had killed a monster but actually created a martyr, a rallying call for all others seeking some justice for Maddie." Remember Brenda " may become as symbolic as " Justice for Maddie " has become.

So poorly done was it that Team McCann are desperate to get some favourable headlines knowing full well that the inquest into Brenda Leyland's death is right around the corner. Even for Team McCann that is a new low and poorly done indeed.
Let no one forget that the McCann's, Clarence Mitchell, Martin Brunt and the army of trolls they employ are all equally responsible for Brenda Leyland's demise, just as much as the they, along with the Met police and the government, protect those who commit child abuse in one form or another.

Jayelles  i know for a fact was instrumental in helping hound this poor woman to death it is entirely proper that she should not be allowed to hide behind anonymity.Previously the real name of Jayelles was mentioned here it has been taken down until further clarification is certain.



  1. Why Brenda? Her tweets were by no means the worst. She was an inoffensive woman, quietly spoken. Will Brunt tell the coroner this? It could not have been a matter of physical cowardice, could it? Perish the thought!

  2. Exactly she was deliberately attacked as a "soft" target, this should be recognised as a tactic by Martin Brunt and The Sun #mccann