Saturday, 14 March 2015



I was made fully aware that should i open a Facebook account, not something i have previously  been part of, then certain subjects would upset people, especially those seeking from preventing the truth coming out.
As a social experiment i was prepared to open one up and befriend a few well know and knowledgeable people regarding the McCann affair. Within a week, the Facebook account has been suspended and i am required to give all my personal details to Facebook before i am allowed to access it. The fact that they have my phone numbers and could easily ring me matters not a jot.

One can only surmise that having access to privileged information and making it open to public scrutiny has caused a few feathers to be ruffled. Firstly, i do not feel it necessary to give my birth certificate, passport, bank details or household bills with my address on it, to a faceless Facebook entity who despite promises to the contrary, could release that information to anyone.

A fan of big brother i am not, so i will not be furnishing them with the requested information. Firstly it is a massive invasion of my privacy and i am assured that this is the exception and not the rule.
I am also pretty certain, given one or two phone calls to friends, that only those working on behalf of the McCann's are known for using this tactic on an alarmingly frequent basis.

Firstly the fact that the internet watchdogs employed by the McCann's have this relationship with  Facebook is quite shocking, it is the last time i will scoff at such a suggestion.
However, what is also blindingly obvious is that the watchdogs would not have acted without some instruction from a higher source. Having dug deeper i am now aware of a fully functioning group specifically designed to scour the internet, with the remit to shut down anyone getting a little too close for comfort.
I was preparing to blog about the use of mobile phones whilst driving but this has had to go on the back burner for now. So irritated am i that my journalistic insights are under attack from this quarter that i find myself drawn to out not only the McCann's and their devious methods but also those who skulk behind the facade of credibility.
Hopefully the nice people on Facebook who read this blog may highlight my posts on this matter and if they have any information on these odious people may be infuriated enough to e mail me with any FACTS that they have, i , of course will be doing some digging of my own.

My e-mail is which they temporarily got suspended, however one text message sorted that out, Which meant a new SIM card for my mobile. The power of the McCann lobbyists needs watching and highlighting.

In the mean time i will continue to blog on other subjects but i will certainly be looking very thoroughly into the McCanns and their followers through my own sources. Shame on them and shame on Facebook for pandering to those seeking to obstruct truth and justice. Poorly done Facebook, very poorly done.

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