Wednesday, 11 March 2015



One of the great things about being freelance is not having to pander to a newspapers " official " stance on any given matter. Rest assured if you refuse to do so it can cost you your job and injunctions can follow to stop you telling what you know. Added to this is the threat of making every door of every newspaper tightly closed in terms of future employment.

What it does do however is empower you to be able to tell the truth albeit unpaid, it also allows your colleagues in the media to furnish you with stories that they simply cannot tell for one reason or another, that is where the likes of journalists made " unemployable " can get the real truth out into the world.

In this case, that is exactly what has happened.

There is no question that Van Gaal is not a man most journalists warm to, sometimes he can seem aloof, arrogant and generally gives of an air of someone explaining himself to an idiot who's comprehension of tactics is nowhere near his tactical ingenuity.
The pack of wolves are already howling and are perfectly positioned to blow his house of cards down. He has not made too many friends and when things go wrong there are not too many sympathetic ears. Certainly his default tactic when things go wrong of long ball to Fellani has been seized upon in no time, by enemies and fair weather allies alike.

What, however, is far worse than the obvious stalking horse for Ryan Giggs in Paul Scholes who is ready to slaughter anyone who is not Giggs when United lose, but the player himself.
Having already seen off Moyes with barely concealed contempt, he is now undermining Van Gaal with the players in a show of duplicity normally reserved for his own brother. It is an open secret among journalists that another night of the long knives awaits and that Giggs has the sharpener.

Anyone spending over £150m in transfer funds and having a limited ambition of finishing fourth and struggling to do so, is quite rightly going to come under intense scrutiny, but you do not need your so called trusted backroom staff complete with beard playing Judas Iscariot.
At least three extremely respected journalists have been told they cannot " break " this story. The line is to "serve up " Van Gaal first, which is now in full swing, to my mind it is not without merit.

What is entirely without merit is, after already seeing off one manager to practice the age old adage of it being necessary to get squarely behind someone before stabbing them in the back.

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