Monday, 16 March 2015



The main question should not be wether or not to vote for a man determined to cover up a cover up, that for any sane human being should be a given. I would go so far as to say that voting for Cameron at the next election would be tantamount to a silent acceptance of child abuse within his own party.

Corruption at government levels is rife, we all know that. Whomever is elected you will not stop it, we all know that too. It is an impossible task because as humans we all suffer weaknesses and some have become so depressed by it, that they do not bother to vote at all.
As the saying goes the only thing that allows evil to flourish is when good people do nothing, not casting a vote at a general election is doing just that. Can you imagine though if you dared to vote for an independent or for a party who absolutely refused to block any investigation into child sex abuse ?

The only way to actually get to the truth is to vote for someone who is willing to do something about it ! Can you imagine if the average turnout of say 65% became 100%. Think about it for a second, all those votes would become vital. I am not saying that will come to pass but unless we start to take steps now, we are giving a green light for those in the House of Commons to continue their disgusting exploitation of our nation's children.
What i am saying is make it an issue with every parliamentary candidate who turns up at your door. Then it becomes an issue, suddenly a party may run on child protection being a policy not an afterthought.
What Cameron did in calling those seeking to bring justice against monsters protected by the police and judges creeping around Whitehall, conspiracy theorists was nothing more than a disgraceful and disgusting throw away sound byte.

Now despite D notices ( reporting restrictions ) on some goings on, the SS Pedophile is beginning to take on water, never mind serving up ex-celebrities for a small stint in jail, never mind sending officers of the law who are supposed to protect it's citizens to remove evidence or threaten those who have seen and dare to speak out.

The red herring of a government inquiry into lost dossiers is an absolute sham.

Do you think for one moment that if it was a list of monetary party contributors or a dossier on a terrorist cell that it would have been misplaced. The so called inquiry has been blocked and stymied at every turn just to make doubly sure it never comes out. I can tell you for a fact that many suffering abuse and those who have seen abuse take place and reported it, have in most cases been told in no uncertain terms that it is " difficult " to proceed.

I can also state with absolute certainty that Jimmy Saville and Leon Brittain were never going to face charges whilst alive and neither will Cliff " Kitty " Richard or Ken Clarke.
The list is endless and it stretches into almost every power group,The politicians, the police and the judges who protect them and the Councillors and high profile children's charity workers who have either aided and abetted the procurement of children or turned a blind eye to it.
Don Hale is to be saluted but he knew the review was a complete waste of time. Even the dossier compiled by Geoffrey Dickens could not be traced and Leon Brittain conveniently died sparing many blushes.

To vote for anyone not making child abuse wether historic or current ( do not be fooled that it is not ) is failing all our children in the future.
I want you to think of just one thing here, god forbid it should ever happen. If you were wiped out as parents in a car crash tomorrow how safe do you really think your children would be with pedophiles at every level of running our society ?
When you have a band of MP's wanting to LOWER the age of sexual consent do you really think that is to stop teenage pregnancy !! Please.

I will be asking many searching questions when prospective candidates knock at my door, as for Cameron's party i will not even bother.


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