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How can one really sum up what has happened to an utterly bogus abduction investigation into a totally bogus abduction story ? I suppose it is a bit like searching for Atlantis in Narnia really.
A media frenziedly reporting on an event that never happened in a desperate bid to convince the public that the Loch Ness monster was seen in a bar in Morocco.

Quite which part were we supposed to believe ? Have a think about it in these terms and all really does become quite clear.
The police, the government and the media would like you to believe that the McCann's checked diligently on their children... hmmm not according to those that were there. That contaminating any crime scene or searching for Maddie was less important that writing a hastily scribbled timeline on a sticker book whilst having a few friends round, presumably in a circle and singing Kumbaya.
Guaranteeing that everyone was singing from the same sheet was vividly more important, obviously, than searching high and low yet they have the cheek to scream about lack of early roadblocks !T

Then we are asked to suspend belief that Jane Tanner's evidence, that they swore as gospel,  is actually bogus and not worth the paper it was written on. Neatly sidestepping the fact that the Met Police could not find anyone within the time frame to pin it on, so needed to once again, move the goalposts.
We are expected to believe that the McCann's are wronged parents who suffered the ultimate tragedy when in reality the ultimate tragedy was the fact that Maddie had that awful couple for parents.
Imagine the scenario of the sainted couple being in charge of your children that night ? Are you seriously going to tell me that if they left your children totally unsupervised in a strange environment whilst buggering off to a bar to quaff copious amounts of vino, you would not want them charged for blatantly and WILLFULLY endangering your children ?
Ok so you are a little bit fluffy and still have some sympathy for the grief stricken ?, lemons. So, on top of that, you are now informed that two highly trained British police dogs, whom police rely upon so much that they have never once questioned their abilities, highlight utterly damning evidence that your child died in that apartment and the body has been removed. It is also proven beyond question that no one else's fingerprints are in the apartment. How's that warm fuzzy feeling for Kate & Gerry ?.
Kate then does not say that the dogs are wrong till much later, preferring instead ( bet she wished she hadn't ! ) to tell you that she stinks of rotting corpses because she examined dead bodies in her holiday clothes whilst carrying your child's toy. Still warm and fuzzy ?.
Ok then, how about if they tell you that they were only a few yards away and you find out, no they bloody well weren't !. No ? I can see you still need convincing !
How about if they tell you it was like being in our own back garden ?
 Will you be asking the question " Just how many fucking tourists come traipsing through your back garden in an evening then." ?

I can see you apprehensively rubbing your McCann worry beads, only £3.99 in the gullible shop, as light dawns on marble head. Despite heroic attempts to pin it on everyone from dead pedophiles to dead tractor driving black junkies it turns out the only people to still in the frame are the ones you charged with her care in the first place.
So the media, the police and the government all tell you the parents had nothing to do with it, believing that utter nonsense are you ?
Then you probably think the police are going to be asking them questions right soon eh ?

 WAKEY WAKEY !  You were off in dreamland there for a minute. Do you really think that the police having sunk £10 million into a total waste of time, are going to hold their hands up and say " Geez guys sorry about that, looks like the buggers were responsible all along! "

If you did or do then you are i am sure, well meaning, but i need to ask you the same question. Are you in on it like the police ? Or just too dumb to see the red Herring they are slapping you across the face with ?.

The investigation into any parental involvement was and is just like Maddie, i believe.....

Dead in the water.

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  1. I am afraid this is all too accurate. I do not know what happened to Madeleine as I was no there; however, this investigation is a complete waste of time and money. No one is ever going to be prosecuted for it. They are now picking on a mentally ill man and one with ailing lungs. Another arguido, as they are called, bears a slight resemblance to a bogus charity collector. The e-fit was not made until months after the event (which was not reported to the police). Operation Grange has been called a farce, but I do not find it remotely funny.