Friday, 27 February 2015


Ok i will tell you why you should be very upset and it is easiest to explain this way. You have just given a man £300 to paint your front room, He has promised to give it his undivided attention and so he gets the job.
Whilst he is meant to be painting your front room, you find out that he is doing a job for somebody else whilst he is meant to be at your place, what is more he has charged them £50.

Your interests are on the back burner whilst he sits eating cake and sipping tea helping out his mate while you are waiting for him to do the job you paid him for.
Furthermore he is using paint from the money you gave him to do your job, that is why you should be upset.
Remember you voted whichever MP to represent your interests as a public servant for which he is paid an enormous sum of £65,000 which is more than most workers get. He also gets media coverage and a privileged lifestyle, they complain it is not enough money, they claim that other people make more !
Getting angry yet /.

Yes other jobs may pay more but it is not a self employed post, you know the salary going in and the money seems pretty bloody high to me.
Whilst all members have to declare outside interests it does not stop them taking advantage of their position, rather like insider trading. What they are really saying is i work on behalf of a private health care company and am going to vote the NHS gets privatised !

Getting angry yet ?.

So you are perfectly within your rights to manipulate,lie and cheat as long as you do it within the system for any big business that dangles a cheque ?
At least if you are going to be a whore for big business you should give up the job of looking after your constituents who are in the main, trampled underfoot by business interests.

If you are not angry....You fucking well should be !

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