Monday, 11 May 2015



Of course we want your best player to play,we will still win comfortably but without him you will need to call the police onto the ground and charge the Australians with murder.
If you are an England cricket supporter and you don't want KP in your team then the usual status quo will take over. In the majority the test matches you won to get to number one, KP was a huge part of that success. Even partially fit, he was head and shoulders above anyone else in the England team and was the wicket we most wanted.

But lets clear up some things first shall we ? KP can be an idiot, but then who can't. Textgate i hear you cry, lets clear that up first. KP did not give away secrets he just called Strauss a " doos " and people say he should never be given an England role yet Strauss can call him a "c**t and still get the supremo job. You cannot have one rule for one and one for another.

Secondly Strauss and KP do not get on, that's fine, neither do Watson and Clarke but they get on with the business of chasing South Africa for the number one spot. Thirdly i do not remember Broad coping the flak for the parody account on Twitter. Every journalist worth his salt knows just how involved he and Swann were in that.

So lets get this correct, you have a rubbish captain, a rubbish team and if you do not pick him then you have selectors more interested in their egos than England's fortunes. Maverick players need sympathetic managing, so manage him.

The moment i will savour is when another of your batsmen walk back at 60-5 and our countrymen are singing " Are you watching Andrew Strauss " and no doubt the some England supporters may be singing it with vehemence as you stumble to one disaster after another without even one special knock to cheer you up.

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