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What the fuck is it with you Poms ? I understand that football supporters,( mustn't say the word soccer ) are a tribal bunch and cannot see any further than your own team most of the time but you also have a distinct problem with winners, probably 50% annoyance at being not so good yourself and 50% jealousy.

What never ceases to make me laugh is the nonsense that some come out with. The latest being the " boring " tag aimed at Chelsea for their relentless march to another league title.
Boring oh yeah good one ! Scored more away goals than anyone else, kept more clean sheets than anyone else, horrible fact of life is that if you don't concede a goal you can't lose a game of soccer, sorry football, unless on the lottery of a penalty shootout.

Early on at the start of the season Mourinho identified what Chelsea needed to be successful and quietly and decisively went out and brought in players to bring about that success. Others tried that too.
Liverpool, famous for it's sense of humour brought some new players on the back of the millions for Suarez and went for some untested talent with the bulk of the money, commonly known as " doing a Spurs " and to give everyone a giggle topped it off with the purchase of  Mario Balotelli, as obviously the squad was unbalanced  without a petulant self obsessed child.
Manchester City brought Mangala, who defends like he has just escaped from one and has the turning circle of an aircraft carrier and the finesse of a bulldozer in a china shop. The other half of Manchester splashed out £150 million including a staggering £57.9 million on Angel Tia Maria, i know but i am reliably informed like the drink it leaves a bitter aftertaste but goes well with coke.Nice work by Van Gaal by the way, saying Giggs will be the next United manager, rather like Blair promising Brown the leadership to keep him onside and removing the knife from his back in one move.
Arsenal, of course, will not change the way they play, so no worry for Mourinho there then, thirteen unsuccessful attempts by Wenger, but hey it's the taking part that counts, reminding one of Latin fighters unable to change their style and walking onto to eventual and inevitable knock out blow.
By the way Wenger great work with Podolski, 47 goals for the world champions and you ship him out on loan, classy, very classy.

This just highlights that Fabregas, nice one Wenger again, Costa and Matic were identified as being key to a successful season, deals done with alacrity, no need to try and unsettle players like Bale and the idiotic red half of Manchester's attempts to do so. Top tip guys Madrid do not let players go unless they are past their sell by date ( see Tia Maria ), Bale will still be at Madrid next year.

So Mourinho, having served his apprenticeship under the great Sir Bobby Robson has yet another title under his belt, like his mentor he has won titles in different countries, he has done it, with and without money, another label the rosy tinted masses get wrong, he has another Champions League title in his sights, very very difficult but if he does achieve it with Chelsea he will have won it with three different clubs, the only manager to do so.

In Australia we do not have a problem with winners, so Jose old son, if the English press and English fans bore you to death with the blinkered one eyed nonsense of tagging or labeling winners out of spite or jealousy then please, please think about taking over the Socceroo's as it's about the only sport that we are a bit Sunderland at.

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