Friday, 8 May 2015



It now seems that almost every time you try and get to the truth about the death of one poor little girl that the actual people responsible for her death take you to court and illicit a sum of money from you, that that can happen is as staggering as their crime itself.

The detective in charge of the case Goncalo Amaral was ordered to pay costs to the McCann's and damages, as if they had not damaged him enough, for doing no more than putting his side of the case into the public after after the British press and the McCann's has trashed his reputation and written an entirely spurious account in a fictional book

Quite how that works is beyond me, but i for one never expected any different outcome because many many people in high places would be looking nervously over their shoulders, that some high powered people are involved in the stench of this sickening cover up is beyond question

However despite the attempts of the government to get the architect of the McCann's flight from justice elected the ordinary decent people of  Brighton decided not to put any more children at risk by having another horrific excuse for a human being anywhere near the corridors of power

Despite all the big guns turning out Clarence Mitchell only finished third in the Brighton Pavillion ward in yesterday's general election,.You see the ordinary people of Britain do not believe the rubbish that has been spoken on the death of poor little Maddie.
Mitchell got his come uppence from the good people of Brighton now we need the good people of England to stand up and put the two people responsible for a dead little girl behind bars.

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